Trebullom Farm is the main residential unit for the tenants supported by Peredur Trust. At the from tenants can become involved in growing vegetables. There are pottery and weaving activities which are available to tenants and individuals in the community.

The purpose of the service at Trebullom Farm is to provide accommodation and support for adults with learning disabilities, particularly Autism and Aspergers. Individuals are encouraged to exercise their rights, make choices, learn new skills and increase or maintain
their level of independence.

Trebullom Farm is in a rural location, between the villages of Altarnun and Tregunnon. The farm is ten miles from the town of Launceston and nine miles from Camelford, with easy access to Bodmin Moor and the North Coast and all its coves and beaches.

A support team of 4 to 5 support workers operate on a 1 to 1 basis to advise and enable clients to carry out day to day tasks to develop independence, and increase their confidence and self esteem.

The ethos of Peredur Trust is based on the principles of Anthroposophy, as expressed and articulated by Rudolf Steiner, which encompasses an acceptance of the uniqueness of each individual.